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Get Results While Having Fun!!

Text Box: Gold Star dog friendly training has helped thousands of loving owners train their puppies and dogs. Our professional trainers have had many years of experience teaching dogs and their people using gentle motivation, love and mutual respect. Earn that Gold Star that you and your dog deserve.

Gold Star will help you teach your puppy or dog:
To potty train 
To come quickly when you call
To stop nipping, biting or jumping
To walk nicely on a leash
To chew puppy toys, not your furniture, rugs or clothing
To be a good puppy while you are away

We Invite you to join a Gold Star behavioral training program. It will prepare you and your dog for a lifetime of companionship. 
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“We took the puppy class with Carol Mitchell which was also great training for Stitch and us. Her communication with the dogs is incredible and her advice was specific for each of us and our different dogs..

The McMahan’s

Positive Results:

If it had not been for Carol Mitchell and her help with dog training, I might not have survived my dog Quincy, a Labradoodle , who apparently will always be a puppy.  I have known Carol for nearly 30 years and all of that time she has loved dogs and lived with dogs. It seemed only natural for her to become a dog trainer as she has an  intuitive way with them.  She has experience training many breeds, sizes, types, ages and temperaments of dogs.  Her respect and positive approach toward dogs has led me to  think creatively about how to help Quincy to learn new behaviors instead of old ones that use to be so frustrating. I recommend Carol's training classes to all new dog owners, those who want to continue to  learn about being a dog owner and those who just want to have fun with their furry friends.

With immense appreciation.

Judith Geer

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Dogs, how wonderful are they keeping us young, healthy and happy.  Teaching us how to communicate, love and have patience.